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Abovemark is a full-stack marketing agency have been working since 2015. Our team includes the best specialists with 5 years of marketing experience.

Our services


Business strategy development, analytics, design, website dev and support, sales increase, copywriting, setting up and running ads campaigns, SMM, work with improving the company's reputation and PR


Contextual advertising, SMM targeting, display ads, creation of a PR-promotion strategy, analysis of competitors' activity


We bring you to the TOP of Yandex and Google - your audience will start to see you.

We will attract visitors by promoting the site in Kazakhstan and Russia. We will prepare a search engine promotion strategy for you and show you where you are now and where your competitors are


Not just "administrating" groups in social networks, but creating and distributing unique content that is interesting for your target audience

Who besides us?

We do not just analyze your activity, we create a business development strategy.

We correctly set up ads, double the leads nubmer, increase profits, taking the business to a new level.

Our credo - is to work with maximum efficiency and use new technologies as well as we can. And this leads to results to be proud of.


professional team

We are a small agency, but our team includes big professionals:
Digital marketer/Project manager

analyses the project prospects, makes a plan and controls the entire team work to achieve the set goals


makes the texts not only correct correct for search engines, but also useful for the target audience

UI\UX Designer

does everything to ensure that people are surrounded by beautiful, understandable and comfortable things

SEO specialist

directly works with the project - collects semantics, improves the visibility of the site in search engines

Targeting/Push specialist

expert in Facebook advertising. Knows how to build a sales funnel and systematic customer flow using Facebook ads

PPC manager

develops and runs advertising campaigns for all business sizes

SMM manager

tells about all the benefits of goods and services to your customers

HR/Account manager

will select a close-knit and experienced professionals team for you

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